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LadyboyKisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Ayessa und Jürgen 22 Jun 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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Thanks to Lbk ! Yes, we found us here in Nov. 2015. Relationship started with writing every day. Now, in June 2016 we saw and touched us first time. Two hearts beating as one. We stay together for the rest of our lives.

Good luck to everyone who is searching here !!!

nicole und 18 Jun 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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thanks a lot LBK. I hope I will fall in love again. i hope and i pray i can find again the true happiness in life that would be to love and beloved unconditionally. may god bless us always. hugs and kisses.

John und Arianna 16 Jun 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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John - WOW 3 years ago I met Arianna on LBK and for me it was Love at first sight. We have been together in UK for 2 years now and exchanged our wedding vows 18 months ago. Just returned from first fantastic visit to Philippines- It's a pity our relationship is not recognised in PH but given time, Arianna can apply for British Citizenship and change her gender I.D.passport into Female.

Arianna- Time runs fast, it's almost 2 years I'm Living UK Permanently. Married life isn't perfect but our Love and Trust stand us One until now. It's all Dream Come True for me. Amazing Reality Life Experience being a Ladyboy like me to be a 'Residence' in UK and I am now a 'Balik-Bayan' in Philippines word.
I am Confidently Beautiful -as being Ladyboy /Transgender (male to female transitions) isn't an easy life, there's still discrimination, rejections. But I'm here standing and Prove them that ' No One Can Drag Me Down'.
I am blessed to have my Husband Honeyko John and blessed to be here in United Kingdom, which have the Acceptance and Recognised the Same Sex Marriage -is Legal with Marriage Certificate. Every Ladyboy or Real woman dream to wear a wedding dress and walk down the aisle. For me as being Ladyboy it's an extraordinary experience to have this rare opportunity to be Married and bring you home from the country of a Man of your Dream.
My secret charm to reach my Dream- is being True to yourself, Determination, Perseverance, continue believing in Dreams with action of course, Love and Trust, you know how to Value Respect, you know how to Give and Take, you know how to Value Family, Friends, and People around you who's being nice even when your ups and downs. Last, is Faith to God.
To all Ladyboy's out there! Para sa'inyo ito- Spread your wings and fly to reach your Dreams in Life, not only for yourself also for your married life. And of course for our Family, (my Family back home in the Philippines.)
'' My Success is their Success, too.''

Sammie und Isagani 28 Apr 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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After a few fakers raked my heart. I finally met Izzy. OMG she is the best for me. I have Visa processing soon and I will marry "my and only" one. Amazing she is so sweet and kind. I am blessed. I almost gave up. DON'T give up and be true, IF it seems wrong it most likely IS. I believe the right one is always there for anyone.

The next 46 days will be sweet torture while I await my love... My new husband wife, a step mother and best friend and lover.

H und T 11 Apr 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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Thank lbk I found a partner in life happy and inlove

More power lbk

Mike und Akiko 08 Apr 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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Love at first sight on Christmas Day 2015. Met and spent two months together and now hope to spend the rest of our lives together. Woman of my dreams

Jarid Paul und Guillaume 19 Mar 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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First of all i would like to say good day to all.thank you so much ladyboykisses for your beautiful website. yes 2012 when i was meet my be love handsome and machoo here in this site. We talk almost 6 months here untill my belove decide to come and meet me in my place..yes july 28 2012 I meet him in manila and i bring him in my beautiful place the island of adventure and the land of surfing capital of philippines surigao del norte.we live together almost 1 month and he go back in his country.i cant forget how i am proude to be with parents ,sisters and brother are proude of you also because u are down to earth man,a good and kind man,polite and loving person.
My dream come true again because he come again to me last december 14 2015.we made a nice and good memory of love.darling words is not enough to say how much i love you.i am very happy to have you in my life.
This year i am excited again to meet you in manil with the children.darling the children love you also so much my love.the children excites also to be with not the only one excited to be with you hehe and your fans club also
.thank u thànk you ladyboykisses, ladyboy dating site

Greeting from
Guillaume and Jarid

Angelica und Stephanie 11 Mar 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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We would like to thanks LadyboyKisses dating site for the wonderful opportunity to explore the site and find our way to be a couples. And we are glad after a month of having a great conversations we finally met and spend time together and I can say we are both happy and proud of what gender we have together..

Jari Rajala und Jam 11 Mar 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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Hey everybody.
Thanks to this page ladyboykisses which I have found the love of my life, Jamilla.
It is absolutely awesome feeling and emotion is very strong and solid. We have online future ahead.
I have a goal to go to meet the future wife Jamilla personally. It will be a great day and feelings

Forever yours

Bryan und Nathy 03 Mar 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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Neyti and Bryan met on LBK, It’s the best thing that has happened to both of us.

We make a wonderful couple.

We met in person and fell in love with each other even more.

We look forward to spending each and everyday with each other.

We both would really like to thank LBK for bringing us together. We would have not met otherwise and we both would probably still be looking.

Online sites might not work for everyone, and with anything, always use caution.

For us, It was a great experience and success.

I wish others to have the same luck as we did.

Bryan & Neyti

USA Philippines

Mark und Kisses 29 Feb 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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Hello All

Want to say thank you to all here on lbk

I have been here a few weeks and talked to many here who are now friends but for one girl i have be come so close to , Kisses has given me love hopes and a dream that I never thought i could achieve

We met here just by chance and i am glad i stayed as long as i did to find her , She is genuine loving and caring , never asked nor needed anything

She is beautiful warm loving and a natural ladyboy
I will be with her soon to meet her family and ask permission for hand in marriage

Yame 23 Feb 2016 Erfahrungsbericht
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I signed this account just to have fun or making friends. I stayed here 2 years with a ladyboy.
So I had a good time here on this site.

Jeff und Kristina 11 Feb 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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Kristina and I met on LBK in march, 2015. We have been talking everyday since. We are now vacationing in Manila and Kristina has agreed to be my wife! We are very, very happy. We would probably never have me if not for LBK. We just wanted to take the time to say thank you and let people know this website works wonders. I've never been so happy. Thanks again.

Paula und Tony 06 Feb 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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I signed this account just to have fun or making friends out of the country. But when I met this guy it turns into love. A love that brings so much happiness and joy to my life. A love that will mold me as whole. A love that will last long. Thank you for loving me, Thank you for sharing your life with me in the future, Thank you for experience what happiness means like. You really put meaning to my life baby! No matter how far we are now just remember "No matter the distance, I'll be yours forever." Take my words and I will take your words wholeheartedly. I could not wait to kiss and hug you tight. I could not wait to meet you in person baby.. love you Tony :)

To LBK, Thank you for allowing me here in the first place. Thank you that I finally found my dream man here. More power and God bless to everyone.. mwuah!!

Iv 01 Feb 2016 Erfahrungsbericht
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Gonna leaving this group asap. So thank you to those I bummed in. This site was great but maybe I have no lucks in here. :)

Jonathan und Renante 30 Jan 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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Thank you ladyboykisses for helping find my soulmate. Over a year ago I met Renante on the site. We started off as friends and we started chatting about all our interests and life experiences. Over time we begin to realize we had a lot of common interests and passions. As time went on we realize that we both had developed feelings for each other. Then on October 14, 2015 I asked Ren Ren to be my girlfriend. She was happy and said yes. Then I purchased flight and hotel reservations to go to Manila, Philippines on January 4 2016. Finally I arrive to Manila January 4th. Then after leaving the airport I saw Ren Ren. It felt as if my universe was complete and I was happy. I met her family shortly after I arrived. Her family welcomed me and accepted my love for her. I proposed to her and she was so happy. She said yes to being my wife. To celebrate we had a mini honeymoon in Puerto Princesa Palawan for 4 days. We return to Manila and spent every hour together.then I had to return to the USA after 2 weeks. We were both crying because I had to return to the USA. I am in the process now of bring her here. I love you Renante with all my heart. Mahal na mahal din kita

Whendy und Anthony 30 Jan 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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My husband and I meet on site 6 month ago. We wanted to thank you LBK and tell you we are living together, and will married as soon as possible.

Kenny andison und Marleth 05 Jan 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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I Kenny joined LBK sometime before and have had one failed relationship on LBK through no fault of web site but a mutual agreement that the relationship was failed from the start. In this time I did fall in love with the island my home and city.. Meeting my true love and soul mate Marleth on New Year's Day 2016 in Calbaybog Jollibee not the most grown up first date but within minutes of meeting the true reason for me setting up home and living here for nearly 2 years became clear to me.
To say that the love I feel and the commitment to her is anything less than 100 % would be a lie to myself. I feel a genuine sense of love caring,respect,trust and honesty with her and I am so infactuted with her personality and beauty that I am humble enough to say that I am so lucky to have her in my life now after all the cheating, scamming and deceit in previous times here.
I look forward to growing old together in a peaceful quiet existence here in our barangy Cagsalaosao and I am convinced she loves me as much as I do her.

I Marleth from Sta. Margarita, Samar Philippines who dreams to have a true and genuine relationship with someone which prompted me to joined LBK knowing that someday somehow I will find the right partner for me but then it came to a point that I almost give up with all the lies and promises of those who tried to have my heart but then on exactly January 1, 2016 on New Years Day I was still in bed when I received a text message from Kenny that he wanted to see me in person. At first I thought it was a joke but when I called and talked to him I found out it's true and it's really him that finally agreed to see him at Jollibee which seems to be the place that first came into my mind for us to meet. The moment we meet I am little bit nervous and shy but when I saw Kenny and began to talked with him as if we already knew each other for a long time. We got along very well with each other until I began to fall in love with him with his kindness and sincerity. Right now we're living together for almost 5 days and I felt very happy the way he showed much love and care for me. With that, I thank God for giving Kenny to be part of my life and I am looking forward of our relationship to last long and to accept in time the plan of marriage that already we are talking about in U.K. Even my family, office mates and friends were happy of our relationship and now I do believe that there is what we call FOREVER as much as I believe also that fate brought us together.

Ryan und Sarah 04 Jan 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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I just want to say thanks to all the creators at LadyBoyKisses for giving me the opportunity to meet my only one true love, fiancee and future wife Sarah M.

I believe it was destiny that I and Sarah M. have met each other here at LBK. God thank you for letting I and Sarah M. be together always. I also believe that when two people truly, honestly, faithfully, and morally love each other unconditionally, it will never end. It is perfection. That is what I and Sarah M. are to one another. The search is now permanently over. Sarah M. we will be together now forever.

Words can't even express how much I love my babe Sarah M..

I have met my one and only true love Sarah M. once already when I visited her earlier this year, and now I am currently in the process of petitioning and preparing my fiancee's visa so I and her can happily stay where I am in the United States of America.

To anyone who hasn't found love yet, just remain a good person, keep your morals, and you too will find your significant other one day.

Soon babe Sarah M. we will be together again. Take care babe and kisses from fiance/husband Ryan A.C.......forevermore.

Ryan A.C. and Sarah M.

Lara und Per 03 Jan 2016 Erfolgsgeschichte
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hello everyone..

my name is Lara from the Philippines.. i have been in this site for a couple of months.. and have been experienced a lot.. i met different people from different walks of my life..

and until such time i met PER the man who gave me another day to be happy .. meeting him is one of the greatest thing i have ever had in my life.. because despite of what happened before i wasted my 3 months to a certain guy who i thought who is true to me...

now I met PER and I wanted to let you know that my search is already over .. Because I know that I have found what I am looking in here .. I am giving him a chance to prove that he is exceptional he is not like with the other guy I met here before..

for now we don't have pictures together ..but looking forward one day we could have one together ..and I would like to show the world that despite the uncertain things that come along in our way in finding the other half of our life.. THERE IS ALWAYS A RAINBOW AFTER THE RAIN...

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