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Von Asia Galang und Jason Kelly Datum: 20-Mar-2014
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I want to thank LBK for giving us a chance to meet online and eventually meet each other. He just recently visited me and fell in love to one another. Right now were working on how we can live together and to make our dreams come true. Once again thank you LBK and to those who are looking for LOVE, dont lose hope and Miracles do happen, God bless to all and keep smiling :)
Von Jhamie und Ed Datum: 09-Mar-2014
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True love will find its way if it is meant to be between two souls!

While it's true that online dating is not for everybody, let me foremostly extend my gratitude and say hurray! to for laying down an avenue for two sincere souls to find their ways to find each other, irrespective of geographical location, time differences, race and social stratum one belongs to.

Admittedly, i had contacted, chatted and talked to several other guys in here with the very limited time and opportunity i have to get online, none of those has truly satiated the qualifications of a partner i have been looking for. It's not that im looking for a perfect guy, it's just that i was seriously looking for a perfect match to complement my strengths and to augment my weaknesses, and to eventually share the "ups" and "downs" of life. Yes, i am that serious. I did encounter lots of guys who were apt to play lusty games with me, but none succeeded. It may sound cliche for some, but it's a reality, it is a fact. I am not here to say they are bad guys, it is their thing, it is their comfort zone, it is their niche. Respect shall prevail. Furthermore, there are those guys who seem to be true and sincere about their desire to establish a meaningful relationship with me, but after awhile knowing my circumstances in life, they give up. it's alright. It's the name of the trade. What are these circumstances i am referring to? well, many of the guys i had exchanged emails with should know this: my inability to get online as often as i should because of lack of internet access.

That has been the case for several months being on LBK until i met Ed. Since day 1, he has proven himself of his love and sincerity. He did his ways for us to nurture a constant communication between us. From there, a special feeling developed and blossomed into a real relationship. After 5 weeks of being an item, he booked his flight to eventually meet me and show himself for real. He never failed, But of course,just in any type of relationship, it's not always about a bed of roses. Arguments, jealousy and mild tantrums will always surface but the sweetest thing is, a day won't pass by without our dispute being reconciled. More than those, romance prevails.

I am writing this story while seated on his lap, his arms wrapped around me and enveloped by his love and genuine happiness.

He made a promise to me and my family to get back pretty soon for a more meaningful event of our lives. I believe and trust him so.

To those ladies who find difficulty in being matched, fret not. There's always something in store for everyone. Love comes in the most unprecedented time. It takes you by surprise. And when it arrives, take extra care of it, nurture it, treat with much trust and respect so it could surpass obstacles and the test of times. I am not sounding to have a perfect relationship with Ed. But I am here for good. I chose to love this man for the remaining days of my life. I have decided to walk with him, laugh and cry with him today, tomorrow and beyond infinity.

With his utmost desire to write his message on a separate page, i am afraid he could no longer do that because his profile has long been deleted to show his sicerity to me. Now if by chance, there are other girls out there whom he had an "hour-long" engagement with, expect nothing more than that. You know what i mean.

If you are seriously looking for a meaningful relationship, just show your real self, reveal your circumstances, be always honest. Do not pretend to be a perfect partner, as there would be none.


Thank you for reading. Ohh, i still have have to pack his things up. Its his flight back to the US tomorrow. hehehe, bye.....

kisses and hugs,
Jamie and Ed
Von David und Ricky Datum: 03-Feb-2014
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Thank you LBK for bringing us love together
Von chin und CAREY Datum: 31-Jan-2014
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Hello to all!

After a very long journey searching for my man I am now happy and proud to announce that I found my serious man named mahal carey

He is loving and a happy person. I promise to love him!

i just hope and pray to god thatHOPEFULLY he is the one for ME

he is so nice and very respective man

i will give my whole life to him

i promise that i will always love you mahal and i will always stay true to you.
welcome to my life CAREY ANDERSON :)

Von Seriyah und Kylie Datum: 31-Jan-2014
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It's wonderful to finally meet someone who cares about my feelings and who I am, and to be supported by her. Will enjoy trying to make a relationship with Kylie, to see where the road will take us.
Von Scarlett Ariel und Roger Twist Datum: 05-Jan-2014
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Hi Everyone

When I put up my profile here, I never expect that one day that I would write a success story.

Many weeks down the road, I can finally say, THANK U LBK!!
I have met the man of my dreams. A knight in shining armour. He proposed. Not once but 4 times!! He made me feel like a princess. We would chat everyday on the phone and on the net. And he wants to wed me on St Valentine's Day 2014. How romantic is that???
I truly believed now that God has a pair for everyone and put them in different parts of the world for them to find each other, and if their love is very strong, nothing can ever stop them to be together 1 day.
I will be flying out to UK really soon to be with him.
Thank U Lbk. Without U we would never have met.

Out of hundreds and thousands here, He chose me. I am really lucky.

I love U My Darling with all my heart and soul.

P:s = Do u know why there are spaces in between my fingers???
Its for my Darling Roger to fill it up. And I'm proud to have taken ur name,
I am Mrs Scarlett Ariel Twist
Von John und Arianna Datum: 25-Dec-2013
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Warning to all you Western guys - LBK might cause you to meet the love of your Life ! I have done that.

We got Engaged in November at ABC Hotel in Angeles City but had to postpone our Big Party on her family island of Biliran until May cos of typhoon Yolanda.

This gives us time for Arianna to arrange her passport and visa.

Wedding Bells and a new life for my beautiful Angel in 2014 in the UK !
Von Chambers Clyde und Patrick Datum: 23-Dec-2013
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I found my right Partner My love Patrick and I'll never find again a man like him!

I wish that our relationship lasts forever and I wish that we can have an endless love.

He is my life now.

The man who loves me by who I am and what I am.

Im so lucky and grateful for having him….. the man of my dream, my prince, and my future husband.

I love u forever My love Patrick !!!


I wish that more and more ladyboys find their partner here too. Good luck to all!

Your Wife
Sexy Chambers

Von nikki und dale Datum: 19-Dec-2013
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I found my right parker Dale Mcdonald and I'll never find again a man like him!

I wish that our relationship lasts forever and I wish that we can have an endless love.

He is my life now.

The man who loves me by who I am and what I am.

Im so lucky and grateful for having him….. the man of my dream, my prince, and my future husband.

I love u forever dale mcdonald!!!


I wish that more and more ladyboys find their partner here too. Good luck to all!

Kisses nikki
Von kc und steve Datum: 10-Dec-2013
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Thanks to LADYBOYKISSES now I already find my one and only husband in my life and he name is STEVE and I am so very happy because he so sweet and loving person thanks again LADYBOYKISSES!

More blessing to come and God bless you!

Good luck to all!

I love you very much my love, Steve!

I will love you till the ends of time! muahhhhhh
Von jason und Rahnel Datum: 09-Dec-2013
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Thanks to LBK, I have met my love , we have had a three week holiday to Boracay and Thailand together and are very much in love, Rahnel will be joining me in the UK next year subject to visa!
Von THO3845 und BRI6547 Datum: 05-Dec-2013
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Von edwin und alex Datum: 28-Nov-2013
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Good day everybody!

I would like to thank this Ladyboy kisses site!

I found my soulmate! His name is Mr. Alex. I know he is a good guy. He plans to visit me next year of 2014 so that he can meet my family. I am very happy! Thank you God..for all! Mr. Alex I will love you so much…. I will always keep you in my heart.

God bless you all.

With love and care.

Von cheinilo und guelengue Datum: 24-Nov-2013
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Thank you so much Ladyboykisses!!!

It is my pleasure to have my guelengue now and I met him at this site… Actually he is coming to visit me here on this 5th day of September…. and I hope we can do something memorable for the first time we met…

Thank you ladyboykisses!

Von Craig und Ada Datum: 22-Nov-2013
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I met Ada online and wow what a great girl. I tried looking many times for the perfect one, and gave up many times. But the wait paid off.

I wouldnt give her up for the world.

Ada I love you with all my heart.

To all the rest of you, never give up, keep trying be honest and true. I wish you all good luck!
Von und Datum: 19-Oct-2013
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We found the love of our lives!!! Here we made our lives complete.

Thank you Ladyboykisses for allowing us to meet and fall in love.
Von Ryza und Joe Datum: 15-Oct-2013
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Thanks ladyboykisses...i found my your sites...ryzajoe
Von Amie und Alex Datum: 02-Oct-2013
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Hi Everyone!

I'm so happy!

A lot of guys visited my profile. But now... I found a love and we will meet soon in Thailand.

I'm really thankful. If not Ladyboykisses... I thought I can't find a someone in real.. Because I'm so young..

Thank you Ladyboykisses! :)
Von Marcel und Chelle Datum: 30-Sep-2013
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I found the love of my life,

Chelle you are the one and only.

I saw the profile of this wonderful person, I made the contact and the rest is history:-)

She is my love my life!!!

Thank you Ladyboykisses for being there so it was possible to meet my dream my hearts desire.
Von Wilf und Michelle Datum: 20-Sep-2013
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Success! I would like to let you know about the success that Michelle and I have achieved through your site. I do have to say that I had overwhelming response to my profile and met some special people very quickly. But there was one very special someone that I contacted and we seemed to have an instant connection. Although we are miles apart now and the time zones are a bit confusing, we keep in constant touch through email, phone and by using Skype. We will be meeting in person in the middle of October and from there will be planning our future together, wherever that may lead us.

I want to thank everyone I met on the site and especially those of you that made this success possible! Thank you so much.

Wilf and Michelle

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