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Von Michelle und Michael Datum: 03-Sep-2014
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Thank you so much for coming in my life!

I'm so lucky I found you.

I Love you and hope soon we will be together..Im always here for you.....I LOVE YOU
Von Michael Woodward und Michelle Gwapa Datum: 02-Sep-2014
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Thank you lady boy kisses for bringing me and Michelle together

I have found the lady of dreams and we are now a loving couple together, Michelle Gwapa is the lady that has made my life complete and I am so happy that we will now spend our lives loving and sharing with each other, I can tell within my heart that Michelle is my one and only true soulmate and I will always be there for her, I am so happy that we are committed to each other and I am hoping that one day very soon we will marry
I love you Michelle and I am so happy that you are in my life and that we are creating our own success story in love together
thank you so much lady boy kisses for making our dreams come true
Von Melvin und Randie Datum: 23-Aug-2014
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Thanks for LADYBOYKISSES.........

I have found my right man here in ladyboykisses
I am very excited to meet him in person.
He is very kind,understanding,

I promise to you babe that I will take care of you and love you.
I always pray and thanks to the lord that he give you to me.
I am so excited babe. Please always take care of your self.
I am here for you always!
Don't give up!
Von Jazz und Tony Datum: 15-Aug-2014
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Thanks for Ladyboykisses!!!!!

I've found a right man here!

I am very happy that he is sincere to me and I feel that he likes me and love me so much!!!

I am very excited to meet him!!!!!
Von John und Arianna Datum: 02-Aug-2014
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One Week Ago - A big white bird delivers the most beautiful LB in the Philippines to her loving Asawa in the UK.

13 months of planning , heartache , set-backs and successes made our Hopes become Reality.

Now we can legally MARRY and be accepted as Man and Wife in England

If it can happen to us , Never give up your Dream and be True to Yourself - There is someone out there for you
Von janna Servana und shawn Datum: 01-Aug-2014
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Thank you so much Ladyboykisses!!!!

I was able to find the love of my life on your nice site!

I will always remeber the opportunity and goodness. 

For Without you I wouldn't have found him.

Wish us luck that our relationship will last.

Thank you once again...

Von Ralf und Tzardy Datum: 17-Jul-2014
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Hallo Leute;

habt den Mut den letzten Schritt hier zu gehen, ich habe es getan und einen wunderbaren Menschen kennengelernt den ich über alles Liebe.
Danke Tzardy das du in mein Leben kommst, ich liebe Dich über alles und ich möchte ein neues Leben mit dir in Deutschland beginnen.
Danke LBK für dieses Portal und das noch viele den Mut haben den wir haben.
Ich habe die Liebe meines Lebens hier gefunden und diese Liebe hat nur einen Namen TZARDY TZARDY TZARDY.
Tzardy ich liebe Dich.
Von Adisorn und Jo Datum: 09-Jul-2014
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Hi Everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that we found each other on LBK and things are going well for us. Adisorn came to Germany to visit for three months and we spent the time travelling Europe and building our relationship. Unfortunately, she must go back to Thailand soon; but we are currently working on applying for a marriage visa for her to come back so that we can live our lives together.
So don't give up hope! There is someone out there for everyone. Our hope is that you find that person so that you can be happy too!

Thank you for giving us the oppotunity to find each other ...

Best wishes,

Adisorn & Jo

Remark..: Thanks god. Sent him to me... he is such a lovely guy , kind and caring...
Von Ian und Jen Datum: 22-Jun-2014
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I am totally blessed we found each other here.
Good luck to everyone in your search!
Von Bony und Ernest Datum: 21-Jun-2014
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I was so blessed and thankful on this dating sites,
because finally i found my love of my life.,. sharing our vows last months.
I know now that same sex couples are accepted in the other countries.
Thank you once again!
And now I am in good relationship
Von Sui und Rian Datum: 03-Jun-2014
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Thank you for the opportunity of meeting someone very special... Rian, is the I love of my life, and is definitely a gift from above we both feel blessed to have found each other here. We plan to have business together and marry soon. Had it not been for your site we may never have found each other in this lifetime. Many thanks again Sui & Rian.
Von Ben und Carla Datum: 27-May-2014
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Thank you Ladyboykisses,

thanks to you I have found the love of my life.

We are in a very happy relationship and are deeply in love!
Von und Datum: 10-May-2014
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Von Ken und Paola Datum: 07-May-2014
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If it wasn't for this site we may have not meet. We only meet a couple of weeks ago. And we connected in a very short time. It's truly s gift from god that two people can fall in Love and truly Love each other be on time it self. We plan to marry soon and begin our lives together!!
Thanks again LBK for bring us together
Ken & Paola
Von Jezzy und Michael Datum: 28-Apr-2014
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"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"

I would like to thank LBK for being an instrument in finding my future husband. It maybe that fast, but proposing me for married is really that pleasurable and I'm saying YES to that proposal makes both of us worth satisfying.

Love is like a cloud...

Love is like a dream...

Love is one word and everything in between...

Love is a fairy tale come true because I found love when I found Michael...

What I am only praying for now is full guidance and protection for this relationship.

I can't wait wear my wedding gown and that promising ring.. Thank you so much again LBK.

To those who are still searching for their partner, don't lose hope it will come in the right time :)
Von april und alan Datum: 22-Apr-2014
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Thank you Ladyboykisses!!!

I really thankful to meet soon this kind person.

He is always good to me!

More luck to all ladyboys here!
Von Gloria und Roger Datum: 02-Apr-2014
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Von Asia Galang und Jason Kelly Datum: 20-Mar-2014
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I want to thank LBK for giving us a chance to meet online and eventually meet each other. He just recently visited me and fell in love to one another. Right now were working on how we can live together and to make our dreams come true. Once again thank you LBK and to those who are looking for LOVE, dont lose hope and Miracles do happen, God bless to all and keep smiling :)
Von Jhamie und Ed Datum: 09-Mar-2014
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True love will find its way if it is meant to be between two souls!

While it's true that online dating is not for everybody, let me foremostly extend my gratitude and say hurray! to for laying down an avenue for two sincere souls to find their ways to find each other, irrespective of geographical location, time differences, race and social stratum one belongs to.

Admittedly, i had contacted, chatted and talked to several other guys in here with the very limited time and opportunity i have to get online, none of those has truly satiated the qualifications of a partner i have been looking for. It's not that im looking for a perfect guy, it's just that i was seriously looking for a perfect match to complement my strengths and to augment my weaknesses, and to eventually share the "ups" and "downs" of life. Yes, i am that serious. I did encounter lots of guys who were apt to play lusty games with me, but none succeeded. It may sound cliche for some, but it's a reality, it is a fact. I am not here to say they are bad guys, it is their thing, it is their comfort zone, it is their niche. Respect shall prevail. Furthermore, there are those guys who seem to be true and sincere about their desire to establish a meaningful relationship with me, but after awhile knowing my circumstances in life, they give up. it's alright. It's the name of the trade. What are these circumstances i am referring to? well, many of the guys i had exchanged emails with should know this: my inability to get online as often as i should because of lack of internet access.

That has been the case for several months being on LBK until i met Ed. Since day 1, he has proven himself of his love and sincerity. He did his ways for us to nurture a constant communication between us. From there, a special feeling developed and blossomed into a real relationship. After 5 weeks of being an item, he booked his flight to eventually meet me and show himself for real. He never failed, But of course,just in any type of relationship, it's not always about a bed of roses. Arguments, jealousy and mild tantrums will always surface but the sweetest thing is, a day won't pass by without our dispute being reconciled. More than those, romance prevails.

I am writing this story while seated on his lap, his arms wrapped around me and enveloped by his love and genuine happiness.

He made a promise to me and my family to get back pretty soon for a more meaningful event of our lives. I believe and trust him so.

To those ladies who find difficulty in being matched, fret not. There's always something in store for everyone. Love comes in the most unprecedented time. It takes you by surprise. And when it arrives, take extra care of it, nurture it, treat with much trust and respect so it could surpass obstacles and the test of times. I am not sounding to have a perfect relationship with Ed. But I am here for good. I chose to love this man for the remaining days of my life. I have decided to walk with him, laugh and cry with him today, tomorrow and beyond infinity.

With his utmost desire to write his message on a separate page, i am afraid he could no longer do that because his profile has long been deleted to show his sicerity to me. Now if by chance, there are other girls out there whom he had an "hour-long" engagement with, expect nothing more than that. You know what i mean.

If you are seriously looking for a meaningful relationship, just show your real self, reveal your circumstances, be always honest. Do not pretend to be a perfect partner, as there would be none.


Thank you for reading. Ohh, i still have have to pack his things up. Its his flight back to the US tomorrow. hehehe, bye.....

kisses and hugs,
Jamie and Ed
Von David und Ricky Datum: 03-Feb-2014
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Thank you LBK for bringing us love together

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